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About Turkey


Frequently asked questions about your visit to our Beautiful Country.There are millions of reason to visit Turkey.
Our country is real travel heaven. To begin with, this wonderful land is blessed by a lovely nature.Surrounded on three sides by the
Sea, it is covered by mountains, forest, steppes and traditional warm hospitality of Turkish people for visitors is already well-known worldwide.

The history of the lands of Turkey-Anatolia-is incredibly rich and one of the oldest in the world.The whole country is a reflection of this richness in terms of culture, traditions, archaeology and it embodies many ethnic and religious minorities such as Armenians, Jewish people, Christians and old Levantines together in peace.
Its borders with Armenia, Iran, Syria, Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia have had a great influence on being the cradle many civilizations with a wealthy heritage of numerous cultural, historical and archaeological sites.


At the moment there are not any security issues for not going to Turkey. Visitors may feel totally free and safe.The crime rate in Istanbul (with 18 million inhabitants is far lower than many western countries.


As visitors notice when they travel there, The Turkish Republic is a unitary state and totally different from all Islamic countries in the Middle-East.Turkey is a modern democratic and secular country where everyone can belong to any religion and political
opinion by free will.This is guaranteed by the Turkish Convictions, itself. Although the great majority of the population is Muslim, there is a full respect and descent as an old tradition of the Ottoman Empire.

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